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Commission - What does it cost to sell at the auction?
Selling at MN Auction Advantage 
What can I sell at the auction?
What doesn't sell at the auction?
Our current commission rate is 35% of the sale price.  Any item that sells for 9.99 or less, commission is 100%.  Payment is remitted within 10 business days after the auction. 
Moving?  Estate to settle?  Downsizing?  Excess Inventory?  Too much stuff?  

MN Auction Advantage is the right choice to turn your excess goods into cash. We provide 2 great options to get you cash FAST! 

Variety is what makes MN Auction Advantage customers coming back.  On any given week you will find a variety of furniture, tools, electronics, coins, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, home decor, vehicle & boats.  This is an abbreviated list of what our customers are looking for.  If you are consider selling any of these items, MN Auction Advantage is the right place.  Quality, value, usefulness & uniqueness is what sells at MN Auction Advantage.  If you have questions regarding items you are considering consigning, please fill out the information box to the right.
Selling at  auction is NOT an alternative to a garage sale, flea market, or donation center.  If the items you are considering selling fit into these categories, then this is where we suggest we sell/donate them.  "Someone will buy it for a buck"  is not practiced at MN Auction Advantage.

In today's economy, our clients are looking for items that represent quality and value.  That being said we only accept quality and relevent consignments.   Items that are any of the following will not be accepted:

Broken, Ripped, Torn, Smells, Dirty, Offensive, Out Dated, Not Working, Chipped, Cracked, Low quality, Garage sale left over, Flea market items.

A complete, detailed list of what is not accepted at MN Auction Advantage is located on the right side of the page.
I am interested!  How do I get my items into the auction?
Selling at the auction is easy!  Follow these simple steps and you are on your way.

1)  Get an appointment.  Call us at 952-445-8150 or email us to request an appointment.  Consignments are only accepted by appointment.

2) Clean.  Before items come to MN Auction Advantage, they need to be cleaned, dusted, and free of any stickers and/or tags.  Items that come in dirty may be rejected, accessed a cleaning fee, or discarded without notice.

3) Pack.  Items must be placed in stackable, sturdy boxes/totes.  Large loose items are understood if they are not packed.  PLEASE no bags.  

4) Drop off day.  At your appointment time you will work our inventory specialists.  They will assist you in setting up an account, review our terms and conditions, brand your boxes with your consignor ID, and provide you with a receipt.  If you request a detailed listing of every item you are dropping off, please prepare that BEFORE you arrive at MN Auction Advantage. Please have a copy for yourself and  MN Auction Advantage.  

5)  Sit back & and relax.  You are in good hands with MN Auction Advantage.  We will prepare your items for auction, sell them to the highest bidder, and send you a check!  That easy!
For our list of items that are not accepted, please

Option #1   Complete Purchase.  Your fastest and easiest option.

MNAA is paying CASH for single pieces to complete estates.  MNAA will come to your location, review your estate and make you a cash offer.  Once an offer is agreed upon, we can have the estate packed and moved within a few days.   Fast & easy!

Selling your estate eliminates the hassle of packing, transporting, & waiting for your items to sell.  You could be doing other things with your time, like spending the cash you just made selling your estate.

Have a single or few pieces?  Stop by the auction center during business hours and get paid on the spot.  Please call ahead to make sure our buyers are available.

Option #2  - Consignment at Auction - By Appointment Only.

Consignments from the new customers are accepted on a limited basis.  Only high quality consignments will be accepted.  All consignments are accepted by appointment only. If you are considering consigning, please call the auction house to discuss your consignment with one of our specialists and make an appointment.  

Consignments are accepted:  Mon - Wed 10:00 - 3:30 and Sat 10:00 - 12:00.  Other times available by request.